Filtering software for Computers:

Filtering software serves to protect your family from accessing sites that you deem developmentally, morally, or spiritual inappropriate for them. Filtering software should never replace open communication with family members about internet safety and expectations. Please refer to the downloadable safety contracts at the bottom of the page. Additionally please refer to the Top Ten Reviews for a quick comparison of internet filtration software.

K9 web protection is a customizable tool to allow or disallow specific sites or content that you choose to be inappropriate for your family members. K9 allows parents to track web content and has been a successful tool in protecting our family. K9 web protection offers a free downloadable product.

PC Tattletale monitors on-line activities from chat to URL use. A free 7 day trial is downloadable.

Safe Eyes is another reputable program which allows a variety of content blocking as well as the formulation of usage reports. The Diocese of Albany uses Safe Eyes as their computer filtering software.

Covenant Eyes recognizes it is not only children who are victims of the internet. Covenant Eyes has proven a user-friendly tool in combating internet pornography addiction. It is a useful deterrent to help those in recovery.

Site dedicated to helping parents to keep abreast of internet news, become members and or purchase software if they need a more robust product. Some items on their site are free, some items need to be purchased. Community developed by parents for parents.

Here is a good overview of Internet Pornography Statistics.

Downloadable Internet Safety Contract

View and download an internet safety contract.