** This internet safety agreement is a tool and a part of a comprehensive plan to protect your children on-line and to foster communication between kids and their caregivers. Click to download this contract as a .doc, .pdf or .txt.

Child Responsibilities :
I will never give out personal information, even if it is someone I know over the Internet, including: My real name, names of my siblings, name of my school, phone number, my parents names, or where they work.
I will talk to my parents/caregivers before I established in Internet account, example, Facebook, Youtube.
I will be careful not to click on any pop-ups I do not recognize since many pop-ups are actually virus.
I will never post any of the above information on a blog or public forum, even if I believe it to be password protected.
I will always discuss my choice of on-line screen names with my parents or caregivers.
If someone I have met on-line wants to see or meet me, I will get my parents permission and have them go with me
I will never send pictures over the internet upload images or use a web cam without my parents’ permission.
I will tell my parent/caregiver(s) if anyone is threatening me, using inappropriate language or inviting me to ‘private chat’.
I will always let my parent/caregiver know if someone on the internet is making me feel uncomfortable in any way.
I will treat the people on the internet who I do not know just like strangers I do not know, even if they tell me who they are, and how old they are.
I will get my parent/caregiver(s) permission to sign on and upload/download materials (like P2P, I-tunes, etc..)
I will remember that the internet rules listed above apply whether I am using computers at school or on vacation. These rules apply to ALL internet usage, including computers, blackberries, phones, and handheld devices as well.
Additionally, my parent/caregiver and I agree these rules as well: _________________________________________________________

I, __________________________, have read this internet safety contract together with my parent/caregiver. I understand the rules of internet use as they have been explained to me. I will keep this contract clearly posted by my computer(s).  If I should run into any problems or have any questions while using the internet (including email, Instant Messaging (IM) and chat rooms), I will contact my parent/caregiver(s) immediately. I promise to abide by the rules listed in this contract, whether I am using the internet at home or away from home.

I agree to the above and promise to follow these guidelines

(Signature and Date)

Parent/Caregiver’s Responsibilities:

My/Our main goal is the protection of our family. As such, I will ensure my family is protected from the potential dangers of the internet.
While respecting my child’s need for privacy when speaking to friends using instant messaging and the internet, I will use a variety of software such as firewalls, and an internet filter to screen out any potentially harmful material, viruses or pictures.
I will talk with my child about his/her interests on the internet and will suggest age-appropriate sites and I will monitor their online activities as needed.
When possible, the computer will be used in a common room within the house.
I will have a proactive attitude toward my child’s internet friends, just as I am about their other friends at home and school.
As a family, we will use good judgment while online. I will ensure that my child is educated about the potential dangers of internet use.
I will explore with them how to remain same while using the internet.
I will be aware of the procedure for contacting my online service provider (ISP) if someone should act inappropriately with my child. In addition, if I suspect someone has been soliciting my child for sexual purposes or sending them pornographic materials, I will contact my local police department immediately. I will also contact the Center for Missing and Exploited children ( or 1-800-843-5678 ) and report the incident to them.
Any other guidelines my child and I would like to add:

I, ________________________, will supervise my child’s internet usage to ensure they are using this tool responsibly and are not endangering themselves by communicating and interacting inappropriately with people they may meet via the internet.

I have read with my child and agree to the guidelines listed within this contract.

(Signature and Date)