Lectio Divina Resources

Lectio Divina is a method of using scriptures in pray. Here’s some useful definitions as you start using scriptures to pray:

  • Reading: Using the word of God to speak to us in a quiet and personally intimate way. There are several ways to choose a scripture. Focusing on one of the daily readings, one of the psalms, or even starting with a favorite scriptural passage are all wonderful ways to begin.
  • Meditating: Here one ponders the message for one’s life. How does the passage affect our hopes, memories and desires. God’s word becomes His words for us. One may experience the beginnings of a transformation, a different way of looking at the same old situation. One may begin to see things in a different, deeper reality.
  • Prayer: Conversation with God. It involves expressing ourselves but more importantly listening for His response and loving encouragement. One allows the scriptural word to penetrate to the deepest roots of the soul and persona, thereby becoming changed by the word of God.
  • Contemplation: Resting in the loving embrace of God. Being part of the quiet. No words, just present to the God who made us, who loved us into being.

Here is a how-to description of Lectio Divina and here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Lectio Divina.

The Word Among Us Magazine provides a daily mediation. Also, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops provides a website for getting daily Bible readings.